Create your own Career Story:

Middle-life crisis makes some of us feel that TIME is a limited resource and we start to pay more attention on WHAT we do professionally and WHY. We want to change our priorities and focus on what has a meaning and purpose in our careers.

TalentsWays helping high achievers to their combine ambitions career targets, passions and talents. Create your own Career Story right now, don’t spend days, months or years being unsatisfied and thinking you are able to ACCOMPLISH more.

Sometimes there is no next time, no timeouts and no second chances. Sometimes it’s now or never


Next career step

Individual Coaching helping create your professional future.

Want to go to the higher level? Identify your next career goal to realise your full potential and utilise your talents. Get on a fast track with the help of 1:1 coaching sessions

Companies: developing Global Leaders

Coaching for Leadership in cultural diversity

Accompanying managers and leaders, who are working in cultural diversity context and focusing on their leadership and management competencies. Providing team coaching.

Delivering Learning Solutions

Seminars, training, co-development groups

Providing professional training and workshops to boost professional growth and develop leadership for organizations. Animating Co-development groups of managers and executives.

Why working with Elena Ivanushkina?

  • ICF certified coach
  • 20 years of business experience
  • Multicultural background
  • Headhunting know-how
  • Works in English, French, Russian and Spanish

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