September 2, 2015
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Morning routine as a productivity tool

Time management concept is dead. What’s next? The power of Morning routine: Feeling overwhelmed, things are piling up in to do list? How to stay focus […]
June 12, 2015

Create your next career move in 5 steps

Working hard hoping that your boss notices how good you are and offers you a promotion? Well, there are few lucky ones with whom it happened, […]
May 13, 2015

My Top 10 books on Personal Development:

There are many books written lately about Personal Development and sometimes it’s difficult to navigate in this offer. For the last couple of years, I’ve read […]
May 1, 2015
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Behind the job interview questions

Being at your best in the Job Interview tips: Have you thought how recruiter what is the meaning behind the interview questions? How the interviewer evaluates […]
April 30, 2015
Essentials of job interview preparation

Essentials of job interview preparation

Why people fail job interviews? What we can control about this process? How to prepare an interview to succeed? Answering those questions can help to be […]
March 26, 2015
How to establish a professional network

How to establish a professional network?

How many times do you say to yourself that you need to meet more people? That your circle of influence and visibility within professional community needs […]
March 20, 2015
Productivity improvement techniques

Techniques to improve Productivity

One of the most effective techniques to improve productivity is to use To Dothe lists on athe daily basis. The studies show, that people, who reached […]