Companies: developing Global Leaders

What outcomes to expect from Coaching sessions?

Leaders become great, not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others

Coaching for Leadership in cultural diversity. Competencies Development. Accompanying Managers and Leaders, who are working in cultural diversity context and focusing on their leadership and management competencies.


Step 1:

Establish 3-parties coaching agreement.

Between the coach, the coachee, the coachee’s manager (HR person can be involved)

  • Commitment from the organization and from the person who will be coached so that clear guidelines are understood by both partners.
  • Agreement on confidentiality in the coaching relationship.

Step 2:

Evaluation / Assessment

Information gathering involves collecting feedback from the coaching participant, sponsors, 360-degree data and performance reviews. This comprehensive process will help design a developmental plan that is customized for that particular executive.


Step 3:

Identify coaching objectives

  • Identifying the top priority objectives.
  • Agreeing on expectations, commitments, timelines, rules and alignment of goals and objectives.

Step 4:

Coaching work sessions

The coach provides the necessary support through formal coaching sessions and between sessions communication. Each session has an action plan outcome and follow up


Step 5:

Provide progressive review and feedback

Review of the coaching process is conducted. The coaching participant meets with his/her manager to:

  • Share progress, outline areas still in need of improvement and ask for support.
  • Gain feedback from the manager and discuss solutions to meet the coaching objectives.
  • Provide feedback on the coaching program and success with the coach.

Step 6:

Closure of the process: evaluation session.

At the end of the coaching engagement, a review of the entire engagement takes place.

  • During the last formal coaching session, the Coachee reflects on what has been learned and key action steps to continue the progress achieved.